Left, Right, or Straight?

My family & I go on walks frequently on Sunday evenings. It’s something we look forward to & enjoy so much! We’re all at different stages in our lives. A pretty spread-out family. Four of my  siblings & I are 6-7 years apart which leaves room for adventure! At each intersection, we each take a turn choosing where to go: Left. Right. Or straight. We all know eventually we’ll wind up home but the choices of each family member determines how we get there.

There’s a story in the Book of Mormon when Nephi & his family are on their journey in the wilderness. They’ve been wandering around for a long time & their families are tired, worn & hungry. Nephi goes to hunt some food but the only source is gone. His bow broke. The family is in despair & his father is even complaining against God. But still, Nephi wrote: “I said unto my father; whither shall I go?”

Our Father in Heaven has a plan for us to be with our families forever! Each of us have the ability to work as a family to achieve that goal. It takes patience, love, understanding and sometimes backtracking. As long as that goal is in mind, we can be together forever!


{Next post on Tues: Have you ever just needed a hug??}


2 thoughts on “Left, Right, or Straight?

  1. I JUST read this story this morning during Scripture study. It is amazing how it takes one person, sometimes to get the rest back on track and so long as we stick together we’ll be okay.

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